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Welcome to HenDaBen.Com!

What is this website?

HenDaBen.Com is the Official gaming website for HenDaBen. You will find blogs, gaming content and even videos here in future.

This website was officially released online on 23rd, May 2016. The offline version has been running since 22nd, October 2015.

Please note that I haven't optimized this website for all platforms and browsers yet. Although, it should work on most of them.

Keep in mind that some of the links might not work yet as wanted. I will import more files and do bugfixing later.

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Featured blog: Prayer 99 with Terroristi! (he got 99 Firemaking) - 9.1.2017

Yesterday, I threw a party with my IRL & PvM friend Terroristi. I levelled Prayer to 99, he did Firemaking 99. The next month I will be doing only Woodcutting in OSRS, while raiding in WoW. I will take a small break from WoW as I'm going to Canada in February. I will tell more later.

After the release of raids in OSRS, I purchased OSBuddy Pro for 3 months. Most of the time I thought the value of my bank would be around 300M, but OSB showed it would be 650M! So, with a cash stack of 300M I bought Prayer 99. It cost me about 155M.

Prayer 99
The level up!
Prayer 999
The Prayer Cape

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OSRS blog: Raids - 9.1.2017

This month, on January, raids were released in Old School RuneScape. As a MLG WoW raider, I decided to give it a go. Only 30 minutes after release, I got TNT PvM clan with me ready. Without knowledge of the mechanics with the bosses, we managed to complete the very first raid in 3 hours. Our second run was done in 2 hours. Unfortunately no loots were given to us :(

In the end, it was a cool experience. The last boss was similar to Dragon Soul's (Cataclysm raid in WoW) final section, where you have to DPS Deathwings' all four claws. In OSRS, there were only two, thus making it easier than the WOWPS raids. More images can be found on the gallery.

Raid 7
Raid 18
Ready up!
Raid 8
Ice Demon
Raid 4

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