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My name is Henry and this is my first official website that has ever been published online. I'm from Finland and I live in Loppi. This website contains gaming related stuff like blogs, hardware, image galleries and even videos.

You can follow me on Facebook and Im also on Instagram @henrymacbens. There is a form on the "Contact" page where you can send me a message for a quick contact.

If you wish to see the source code of this page, you can click "view source" from the top-right menu. The source page will contain code and sources that I have been using.


Before the purchase of my desktop I mostly played games on my Xbox. That was the golden time when you called your friends if they could come over and take his/her controller and maybe bring their own games if you were too fed up with your own game collection.

That time I played Colin McRae Rally, Halo Combat Evolved, Serious Sam: The First Encounter and of course, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas & Vice City

I have been PC gaming for over 10 years. Back in 2007 my friend 'Smulle' sold me my very first PC. It was a HP desktop, and it cost about 500e.

Around 2005 my PC gaming wasn't so official as mostly I played RuneScape and other random online games.


In these days I still keep up with RuneScape (not RS3, nowadays I play OSRS). Since the sad story of RuneScape when the Evolution of Combat was released, I quit it. GG more than 15,000 hours of gameplay across my characters. In 2013 the Old School RuneScape was released and I started playing it.

My current Hiscore rank is around 17,600 from the top. As a skilled clue runner, I'm around 2k rank in clues overall. OSRS IGN is 'Say No 2 P2W'. Total experince over 110,000,000 with a total level of 1854.

World of Warcraft has been a big thing in my life. The very first time I played the official World of Warcraft (not private servers) was with my friend 'Lettu' in 2013 when Mists of Pandaria was released. After a while I created my own account and purchased some ingame time.

My PvP Rating is around 1500 in 2v2 arena, but the enemy rating has been up to 1800. My main is a Discipline Priest with PvP ilvl of 710 and PvE ilvl of 720. I have more than 750 hours of gameplay on my main, 'Henjamin'.

Have you met me ingame..?

These are the nicknames I have been using so far across all games

My Specs

My main build is running with an AMD FX-8350, an Eight-Core Processor (4.2Ghz, basic OC of 0,3 Ghz) in a ASRock 990FX Extreme3 motherboard. My GPU is made by AMD, a RX 480 8Gb OC. PSU is from Fractal design, a 550W Gold edition. I have 16Gb (2x8Gb) DDR3 RAM, HyperX, by Kingston. I have two 24' monitors, Asus VK246H and Benq's Senseye3.

My second computer is an Intel computer, a 3,5 Ghz processor with 8 cores (i7). Its GPU is also made by Nvidia, a GTX 750Ti. It has 8Gb RAM (2x4Gb), and the PSU is also from Fractal Design, 500W Tesla 80 Plus, from gold series. I use it mainly to watch YouTube videos, Twitch streams or random series. It is connected to my TV.

My Gaming Set

I have built both of the computers myself but they aren't the first ones I have built. I have three other PCs too but I just edit and build them whenever Im interested in doing so.

I updated my rig in 2017. I got a whole new PC that I built myself. Ryzen 7 1700, OC'd to 3,8Ghz, Titan X, 16Gb 3200Mhz RAM, Crosshair VI Hero ft. Noctua NH cooling solution.

500GB SSD for Windows and games, plus an extra 3Tb hard drive for storage. Case is made by Phanteks.

Other games

Of course I have other games! In Steam, I have more than 115 games purchased and installed. I used to play CS:GO every day but then I just started to play other games and kind of forgot the CS:GO. I have been playing League of Legends, too.

My Steam profile can be found here. Feel free to stalk if you wish to do so.