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HTTPS Update

As of January 2022, all major pages have been updated and edited to be working under SLL certificate.

Major blog and menu bar updates 25.7.2021

The navigation bar of the main 8 subsites has been updated. Earlier the navigation bar was just floating in the middle, now it takes the whole width of the body element to infill any empty space available.

Projects | 18.8.2017

A new page has been published. All my projects can be found there. (www.hendaben.com/projects)

Gaming updates | 20.7.2017

Due to stress, work and spending too much time outside (it's kinda nice IRL server) I really haven't had time to make gaming updates here. I do have played videogames, but the content just needs to be uploaded here. My YouTube account has been kinda more active so more recent content can be found there.

Bugfixing | 2.6.2017

Small bugs have been fixed, contact page has been updated and shop has also got a little update. The section and aside will get a small update this week.

Blog Update | 31.5.2017

Blog posts have been linked correctly, and each of them leads now to a specific page. The main Blog page now has small "boxes" that can be clicked. This reduces the pages load time so it wasn't just a unwanted update.

Videos and even more videos | 21.5.2017

This month, my first videos will be published in HenDaBen.Com. If you haven't already seen them on YouTube, click this link!. All of them can be found in hendaben.com/videos

Visual Update | 17.4.2017

HenDaBen.com has been updated (again). Mostly, the update was just about the appearance and some small bug fixing. Most of it will be done today, and the rest tomorrow.

Log in to hendaben.com & Blog | 23.11.2016

In a couple of months there will be a new feature in hendaben.com. A login feature will appear that allows #hendafans to log in to hendaben.com. Users will be able to update and display new memes, discuss about whatever they wish and vote about the future content and updates. More information will be released later.


The #hendablog will be removed from Wordpress to hendaben.com. No content will be taken from there and the Wordpress blog will remain as it is now, but it will be inactive. New blogs can be found in the same place, where you found the Wordpress version.

Website update: Theme, Memes, Gallery & Ads | 10.11.2016

A major update has been completed. This update also included some hotfixes and changes to the current CSS.


The earlier skin (which was more black and grey) was changed to black and blue. The skin could change again in the future as my artistic vision is not the most artful.


There is now a "meme box" on the main page. This contains random memes made by #hendafans. It will be updated a couple of times in a month, and the earlier memes will be moved to Gallery.


Soon a few new sections will appear in the main gallery. These are HenDaMemes and IoA (random dumb comments made by people on the internet which really are worth of checking out!)

There is now an advert on the bottom of the main page. This update will not harm the website's performance, as wouldn't couple of memes do either. For now the advert only contains some manufacturers but it could change into a Google's AdSense one day.

Making HenDaBen.Com responsible | 7.7.2016

As of 7th July 2016 HenDaBen.Com has become a very responsible website. It should work on most of the platforms. I removed all products from the online shop and also the CS:GO spin has been removed. The online shop will get a huge update later. Also, the news section will be updated.

Blog: Raids - 2.7.2016

The first HenDaBen.Com blog has been published. My earlier blog (wordpress) will be still available to read, but inactive.

From offline to online | 23.5.2016

The online version of this website is here!

Spin wheel | 16.12.2015

The most MLG spin wheel on planet earth is now here! Spin awesome CS:GO items!

Gallery update | 15.12.2015

New subgalleries have been released and some new pictures too.

Updates | 9.12.2015

The footer just got a nice update. It will now also show the visitors IP address! Also, some links were fixed and gallery styling was updated to fit in the current window.

Gallery | 8.12.2015

A new "subgallery" has been added. The links will appear when the subgalleries are published.

Contact and Online Shop | 6.12.2015

A contact form has been added and it works! Also, the online shop was finally added too.

Updates | 3.12.2015

A lot of updates have been done, fox example fonts, text slideshow in footer and home page, div fixing, new page Downloads, source-protect and so on!

New menubar | 2.12.2015

Old menubar got a nice update! Also the layout got a little bit smaller.

Website visitors | 1.12.2015

Website counter has been added!

Slideshow | 31.11.2015

A Brand New image slideshow has been added!

New features | 27.10.2015

A lot of new features will be added during the next months. Stay tuned!

Maintenance | 23.10.2015

Henrymacbens will be under maintenance due to large amount of updates. More information tba.

Website created! | 22.10.2015

MLG henrymacbens website has been released. Visit now!