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Thoughts about Nvidia's GPP

HenDaBen.Com has never had articles about hardware discussion, so may this be the first one then.

As Nvidia has released their anti-competitive program, GPP, it has brought a lot of negative air to the PC community. My opinion goes along on this huge flow, and I have made some future decisions. As long as this GPP is running, no more articles or blogs will be released that have Nvidia in it. HenDaBen.Com will be boycotting their products in here, and in pc builds. All images and ads about Nvidia will be removed.

If we were talking about, for example, car manufacturer's, how many news have you seen about Audi telling BMW not to use Pirelli or Michelin tires because their cars are faster? Wouldn't these news hold the front lines in newspapers for weeks? People would be outraged.

Since PC hardware is a niche ethusitias market who makes most of their money from uninformed consumers who rely on advertising, they get away with their shenanigans. It's not always about the performance. Cocal Cola may taste like the best cola drink you have had, but should you drink it?

GPP is alone the reason people should stop buying Nvidia's products. AMD offers good, competitive cards that aren't just plain water. RX Vega 56 wins GTX 1070 in most games (these are not cherry picked) and RX Vega 64 is just a few steps behind GTX 1080. Of course there is the GTX 1070Ti between them. As Nvidia's drivers aren't open source, Linux community has had (and still has) issues with them. These things hold back development, and the list goes on. With AMD's cards and drivers these issues are obsolete.

Here's some quick math. Nvidia is more than ten times bigger company than AMD. Why don't I see that much better products and price tags? Of course more realistic thought would be twice as good, but Nvidia is not able to offer that either.

GPP is a way to open a door to monopoly. Nvidia has stated that they are the only company offering "high end cards". I agree that, but what logic is used as RX Vega 56 is able to win their GTX 1070, which is a high end card?

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