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Sailing Hen!

Today I went sailing with my friends Jers and Sols. I have my yacht at my parents in Lohja lake, near Routio. Our goal was to sail to Kaljaasi, and then head back to Liessaari. Kaljaasi is a floating bar in the middle of a gulf near Virkkala. It took us about an hour to get there, but our trip back took like one hour longer. First we just used engine until there appeared to be some wind but during our trip back, the wind kinda died and our speed was about 1,5 kilometers per hour :D

At sauna
At my parents

We managed to get back before the sun was all gone but the darkness really made it difficult to find the spot. There's a wicket in Liessaari where people usually cook their foods and place their tents. There's also a spot for couple of boats which make landing much more easy. We had a few beers at the campfire and then went to sleep.

In the afternoon we made some coffee and ate. Our plan was to drop Jers to Aurlahti. Aurlahti is the longest beach in Lohja lake and it is very popular, often crowded with people. After that, I changed our destination to my parents. I'm so happy that Sols and Jers joined me. Jers' girlfriend had to cancel the trip due to work but I made a promise that we would make a new trip later this summer. When it's still warm.

At Aurlahti
Selfie o clock

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