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Why does corona spread so easily in Finland?

Like the title of the article says; why does corona or COVID-19 spread so easily in such a modern country like in Finland

This article is based on facts from a person who works as a critical mainentance guy in this society

Media likes to tell that police and army are watching the Uusimaa borders. This is not fully true, as you can still travel on public transportation. There's absolutely nobody watching the passengers there. You are more likely to get fined by the VR ticket inspector than by police. VR stands for Valtion Rautatie, governments railway.

I used to travel to Helsinki by my car. Nowadays I use more public transport. One of the reasons is that I can do my paperwork on mobile while travelling. There's also that the border clearance check might take time up to one hour, so using public transportation like train is just so much faster travelling method.

Writing it media sexy and getting them clicks

Last week in Yle Radio there was this compere in Helsinki main railway station. He was interviewing poeple in there and told only 5 or 6 people were seen (around 15 o clock). This is completely false data. I leave my hotel at 15 o'clock, head straight to the railwaystation and let me tell you, at least 50 people was standing around there. I couldn't even spot these interviewers. Media told that maximum of 10 people was standing there and only a few going into trains. A fun fact, about 20 or 30 people walked just into the train I was taking.

Unskilled government

Our last elections gave Finland a new red lipstick government. Like the title says, not very convincing. There's a huge amount of memes bashing Finland's current government from inactivity in this pandemic. Imagine playing a videogame with 300ms ping. Travellers from across the globe including finns are arriving and departuring this counrty wihtout a check until 3 and a half months later. After 3 months, the government managed to get help from army and now the borders are closing. This action caused a massive travelling panic for finns to get back to Finland, and for outsiders, to get out of the country before it's too late. Guess what the officials found themselves in? They're giving a piece of paper for arrivals. The paper says: "There's Corona everywhere. Please stay indoors for 14 days.

Corrupted-like officials

In Finland we have this THL, which stands for Terveyden and Hyvinvoinnin Liitto (Health and Welfare Organization). In January when Corona began to spread from Wuhan, China, THL made a statement: "For us finns, there is no need to worry or to take action of this infection. Covid19 will not have a footstep in Finland".

After a number of infections (currently 209 in hopsital, 76 in intensive care unit, 28 dead as of 30.3.2020) THL finally woke up and started a campaign with the government to fight Corona. In April 2020 all restaurants, bars and nightclubs were shut down.

In between February and March our silly government got themselves in between a rock. Another almost useless organization made a statement, that government cannot pass a law where inviduals are not permitted to walk outside. Finns have this freedom to roam, also known as everymans right to walk and go outside. This organization managed to delay our governemnts decision, which caused businesses like nightclubs and restaurants to keep their foor open for another two weeks! WHY?! A killing virus is spreading and to make it not spread, people should stay indoors! This law did not have North-Korea or South-Africa-like features like walking outside and getting fined. You are, of course, allowed to walk in the park with your loved one, or to take your pets out for a walk.

So, until this government-level fight was done, bars, nightclubs and restaurants decieded still to keep their doors open!

Ready.. Set.. Sot!

Finnish crisis system for global disasters like Corona have (or should have) a standby emergency supply. The officials just forgot to keep the date in mind. Now Finland is out of medical equipment. The standby emergency supply was expired over 8 years ago, in 2012.

A while ago a new order was placed, and a huge cargo from aborad arrived to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. This cargo had more than 200,000 face masks for medical and surgeon use. All made in China, turned out to be useless junk.

The local newspaper claimed this supply would last for a week. This situtation tells, how ready Finland really is for global disasters. Late supply, high demand, even higher prices. This year will cost a shitload of taxpayers money.

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