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Over 1000 EUR worth of videogames for free!

As of May 29th I would like to make an announcement. During this year Steam, Epic Games Store and Humble Bundle have given away free games. I have been picking up the news and written simple code to make it easy for everyone to claim them. In just 5 months the one thousand EUR goal was achieved and it keeps rising!

A huge thanks belongs to Epic Games Store, as their giveaways made most of the total value. Steam, in other hand, was and has not been so charitable yet. I'm not claiming Steam is stubborn, but their giveaways haven't been that good. Neither I'm claiming that we should be swimming in free games. It isn't that nice if you happened to purchase Grand Theft Auto: V for 29,99EUR and the next day it's free for everybody.

But let's hop to the statistics. There's plenty of data to be analyzed but I will keep it simple.

Game Statistics

Epic Games Store has given away more than 75 percent of the 1000 EUR total. Steam's role was only about 20 percent, and Humble Bundle got the 5 percent leftovers.

As we can see, Epic Game Store receives the crown of the best giveaways of Q1 and Q2 of 2020. No doubt the charitable status title can be given to them. Steam has already recognized this, and we will see what summer and the rest of the year will be giving us. This is nothing but the best consumers can get.

The full list of free games giveaway can be found here.

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