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100 beginner clues!

There's been a lot of IRLing lately as I have focused on my job. Althought, as travelling takes time there's been a good place for OSRS. I'm glad Jagex managed to release OSRS Mobile. Let us begin.

This blogpost will be the first one to have my ironman progress in it. Running the 100 clues took me like four weeks. Mostly dropped by moss giants.

My original plan was to keep my ironman locked in free to play only, but I have considered to buy membership after this huge clue hunt.

I have been doing long shifts at construction areas so I haven't been playing on my personal computer. All of the content is created of screenshots while playing on mobile. I will be making a video to combine all the rewards so it is easier to investigate the data. Screenshots will stay here.

Summary and small data

The total value of loots from 100 beginner clues was 733 636 gp. This means, it was roughly 7 336 for each clue.
If the loots that require most RNG are taken off (frog slippers, shoulder parrot etc 1/375's) the clues yield only 80 183 gp. It is about 802 gp for each clue.

At the rate of 802 gp for each clue, I would never do these. But as completing treasure trails is great fun and exciting (yeah obviously because of the rare items) I would recommend doing them. Particurarly, for ironmen for the exciting cosmetic outlooks.

The first rare item, frog slippers, at 16th clue.
The second rare item, sandwich lady's top, at 30th clue.
The third rare item, sandwich lady bottom, at 37th clue.
The fourth rare item, another pair of frog slippers, at 39th clue.
The fifth rare item, sandwich lady top, at 83rd clue.
The last (sixth) and the most expensive item, shoulder carrot, at 98th clue.

As I opened the 100th beginner clue (which resulted in a loot of 16gp :D ) I totally quit doing them. Longest "loot distance" from a rare loot to another, was 44 clues. At that point I was losing patience and hope

After all, I'm happy, I might pull out a video out of this in the near future

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