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Finally level 60 in Classic WoW!

Goornig level 60

In June, 24th, I finally managed to reach level 60 in Classic WoW. It was a long grind that began all the way back in 2019. When The Burning Crusade was released in 2021, I chose not to go with it. My legitimate interest was to get the true classic vanilla experience, and holy moly I have enjoyed it evert bit! During the pre-release of the Burning Crusade my highest level character was around 50's. If I left classic for TBC, there would have been little to no end-game content for me.

Was it worth it?

Aug 27th 2019

Absolutely. Slow leveling does not mean boring gameplay if you do it right. In 2021 after a long break I got some spare time and decieded to re-subsribe to World of Warcraft. The over-12-month-break did good to me, making things even better, I joined a top quality guild. Lots of active players from low levels to 60's. I joined For Da Horde. It has been a cherry on a top of a cake. I could not imagine joining such a good community.

The slow leveling of 2019

Quest que

When the Classic WoW was released back in 2019, leveling up your character was nuts slow. Players even made ques in-game to finish a quest! If you skipped the line, you would get blacklisted resulting in ban from guilds. This was one of the top memories even the oldest beans could rememeber in retail WoW.

Bugcraft? Bugzard?

Bugfree classic

I did experience bugs, traps (no, not those traps) and visual glitches. Was it so terrible I had to quit the game? No, but some of those just could not be avoided. Jumping down hills might catch you getting stuck in a tree. Visiting a roof of a building? Do not get near the chimney unless you got your HS ready. Do not trust walls, you might still aggro mobs even if they did not see you!

Bugfree classic

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