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How to get raytracing in Minecraft without a RTX card?

Some background

As most of you know, nvidia is trying everything to make people purchase a RTX card. One of the ways is to create fake and modified images, and then publish them online. Nvidia's latest victim, Minecraft, published a facebook post including a partnership with nvidia. They claim, that only by having a RTX card you can get Minecraft to look fascinating.

As everyone should know, nvidia does not bring gamers real time ray tracing. Their "ray tracing" is path tracing, which is far from real ray tracing. Nvidia makes game developers waste their time on nvidia's useless ray tracing. Instead, game developers could use their time on focusing to bring us better average fps and better 1% lows. This big evil company claims that it's easy to implant the rtx code, but in real life, it is not. There's a fact, that there will be no big steps in raytracing until consoles have them. Nvidia is just trying to milk out everything.

Steam dev bashes RTX

Step number one

Let's get us some rays, then! First head to sonicether.com. Select the download button from the top right menu. Then you will be redirected to the downloads page.

Select the SEUS Renewed box, then a small window will appear and click accept

By clicking accept, the download will begin. This file is the actual shader, the feature that makes minecraft beautiful.

Step number two

Our next step is to download the software, that works with the shaders file we just downloaded. Go to OptiFine.net and click downloads. From the downloads page, select the top download.

The download

Our next step is the most challenging one. After you have clicked the download link, you will be redirected to a malicious page. Visiting this page is okay, but you have to be smart with the links. There is a countdown section in the top right corner. When there are no numbers left, a banner "skip ad" will appear. This is the button you want to click. After clicking it, you will be taken to the actual download page.

Click the skip ad
Download the .jar

Download the jar file, and just scan it if you feel so. If the download page where the skip ad should appear is blank, you are using adblock. Just pause it on this site and refresh the page.

Final step!

Our last goal is to run the .jar file we just downlaoded. The OptiFine installer will automatically know the installation folder. After that, launch your Minecraft. Select the second page installations and click the OptiFine and select advanced options. Here you will see some java arguments, change the number from 1 or 2 to either 6 or 8. This is the amount of ram you will be giving for Minecraft.

After changing the number, click save and run the game!

Now, launch Minecraft. Go to options, then select video settings and select shaders

Then, select the bottom left option, shaders folder. A window will appear, and you will have to drag the SEUS page download to the folder.

After dragging the .zip file and closing the window, there will appear a third option in the shaders menu. Select the SEUS package and click Done

Play the game!

Here we are! Play singleplayer, play multiplayer and enjoy the free ray tracing without paying nvidia! Here is just some FPS calculations and screenshots. My Titan X was mostly running the game at 45-57fps at 32 chunks. 1% low was 30. Running the shaders does require some horsepower, but it does not require you do purchase a nvidia rtx graphics card. One player was able to do this and nvidia can not even bring more balanced environment. Let me tell you, piss off, nvidia.

My Titan X was running the game around 70-84 degrees. I did not let Minecraft load all the 32 chunks at once so it did affect the fps calculations. I will be uploading a video about this just to annoy nvidia. What comes to Minecraft, maybe one day it will start utilizing more than one core xD ..

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