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Get a custom license plate frame

A few weeks ago while driving home from work, I got stuck in traffic during the Hellsinki rush hour. One thought somehow climbed to my mind, thinking of how to spot your friends on the road? The idea of a custom license plates is nice, but this will cost you 750 € AND the license plate is tied to your car. This was not an option as I am already having my third car switch in just less than 12 months. With custom license plate that would be more than 2200 € of money thrown down a well.

Custom Frame by HenDaBen.com

And what comes to the idea of bringing up to your mind all the things not to forget during a busy week at work - to actually try to keep in mind your friends license plates is the last thing to do on this planet. Or at least in my life.

Customizing your car

This does not happen by adding huge cringe stickers to your windows or items to block your sight. Actually this does not require space from your car at all. Just take off four screws from your car. Or eight, if you wish to have both front and back decorated. Then combine the base of the license plate with the text frame and install the actual plate. Your job is now done and everyone will recognize you.

The business that get the plates done normally are not interested in doing this (and the business that resell and trade cars) as they would not gain huge margins. What makes this offer then so specia? With these custom frames you can get almost any shape done in them. Literally, any.

With our affiliation program you can get a price cut of 10% by using the word hdb427 whenever ordering a custom license plate text frame from Lopen Data, a fresh business focused on 3d-printing and computers. It could be five stars and your name (actually, that is something I will get next). Just a reference to Grand Theft Auto series.

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